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Kingpin Production's was started by a very young Whitey McConnaughy with the sole intention to make snowboard and skateboard films.  It worked.  From 1992-2003 Kingpin Productions made 16 seminal snowboard films.  

In 2003, after shooting the first Jackass film, Whitey & Kingpin moved away from snowboarding films and into the worlds of music videos, comedy, commercials, documentaries and more.  Throughout its long run, Kingpin has never lost its punk rock spirit and to this day works on projects that veer from the norm.  

Kingpin Productions is a nimble but full service production company; we can do it all, from inception, execution,  post and color we got your back.  All without the bloated waste and corporate attitude that comes with a giant production company. 

A taste of what we do...

A taste of what we do...

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